This Is Electric Buffalo Co

We made it to launch day, folks. To everyone else reading this, this is day one of a brand new venture you've stumbled upon. To the three dudes running the show, this is the turn of the page to a new chapter of a year's worth of hard work.

The concept of Electric Buffalo Co first came up in a conversation February 2017 between the now-owners in a corner booth of a bar in downtown Nashville. We had all dabbled in previous home grown businesses with marginal success, but we all three shared a passion for the aesthetic of mid-century America that fed into our day to day lives and influenced how we viewed the world. We thought surely this was rare and important. The more we talked and the more Tecate's we put back, the more the only reasonable choice was to go into business together.

It seemed that finally our love of chopper culture, old trucks and vans, vintage tees, photography, screen printing, making leather goods by hand, and quality American made products meant something to someone other than each of us individually. Between the three of us, we had all the necessary ingredients needed to cook up something good from the ground up, and a collective agreement on and passion for the subject matter. We knew it was real when the conversation kicked right back up again the next day. This was more than small talk on a night out with the boys. So we planned, and we designed, and we printed, and we shot photos, and we planned some more. We built something out of nothing.

This brings us to today. An entire year's worth of work lies before your eyes. We hope this can find a way to mean something to you like it does to us. We mean every word, every design, every hand-made hand-printed piece. This is our art and, with any stroke of luck, our way of life now. If you feel so inclined, give it a chance to thrive. Be a part of something great, right from the start. This cannot succeed without you, and we thank you, at least, for your time. If you choose to give us your business, know we are humbled by that and do not take it lightly. We know the value of the dollar, which is why we want to give you the best product your dollar can buy. But we feel it's worth noting that this is so much more than a product: it's a community and it's a mindset. If you're looking to support and connect with like-minded folks, you know by now if you've found them here.

Chase The Buffalo.

Cody, Austin, and Shayne

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