Electric Buffalo Co is a concept born of the smoky corner booths and back alleys of Nashville, TN. Capturing the rebel spirit of mid-century America, EBCO arrives on the scene as a modern day extension of the low-down freedom riders, runaways, dreamers, and doers. The ink slingers, grease monkeys, guitar gangsters, and the wild things, hell-bent on riding the throttle till the wheels fall off.

Our curated line of vintage-inspired apparel, hand-made leather goods, and gear appeals to the rebel heart in all of us that longs for a face full of wind and the smell of burnt rubber and adventure. Soft tees and inks that wear like your dad's Harley tee from '72, leather cured and constructed by hand only days before it arrives at your door, stamped and screened with our iconic Buffalo Bolt logo by hand, right here in the USA. True small business in the heart of America.

The Electric Buffalo is a representation of the free spirit of days gone by. A simpler time that resonates like an old memory each time we see a classic survivor van thumping down the road, or stumble upon a dusty old neon sign in a flea market, or smell vintage leather, or drive through a small town square untouched since the 60's. In the midst of all the technology and distraction, something inside you recognizes that these things are important, and needed, and real. We exist to keep this feeling alive, right now.

This is a call to action. To seek the thrills, to taste the danger, to know what true freedom feels like. This is an age old concept... we simply gave it a symbol. Knuckles up; here’s to a new way of life.

Ride the Lightning - Chase the Buffalo.

Premium USA-Made Clothing and Gear

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